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Work Party, Tús Worker & YouTube

The next work party will be on Saturday 25th May 2013 from 10am to 4pm. This time the focus will be on clearing all the waste from alonside the walls to make it easier for future mowing. Phone Mervyn Taylor on 086 8227998 or email if you can help out on the day.

Wicklow Partnership has offered a Tús worker to suppport the work in Derralossary and Annamoe Development Ltd have kindly agreed to provide a base for the off-site aspects of the work. Toilet facilities are being arranged beside the site, insurance cover is provided through the scheme and supervision of the work will be managed jointly through Annamoe Development and the United Friends of Derralossary. The work envisaged includes:
Maintaining the graveyard in between the regular work parties organised through UFoD.
Clearing rough areas adjoining the walls and preparing for seeding and growth into mowable grass areas.
Developing a grid system, with professional support, so that the location, identity and inscription on all graves can, where possible be provided in an organised digitalised fashion.
Photographing all the graves and tombstones.
The hope is that at the end of this piece of work anyone around the world can, through Internet access, search for a name, find the details of the location within the graveyard, the inscription on the stone (where it exists) and see a photograph of the grave. GPS coordinates could also be used while on site to find a specific grave using a suitable smartphone.
The decision to allow a Tús worker operate on site and undertake the work indicated rests with the parish authorities and we are hopeful that this suppport will be forthcoming.

One other important development: A recording of Grey’s much loved ‘Elegy in a Country Churchyard’ will soon be recorded for this website by the well know writer, and Wicklow resident, Lee Dunne. Former RTE newscaster Angie Mezzetti is assisting with the recording and hopes to publish a short piece of video up on a new Derralossary channel on YouTube. Angie’s father, many years ago painted a picture of Derralossary church. Revd Stanley Pettigrew Pettigrew, a former rector of the parish, recently confirmed that he painted only one picture of Derralossary church which is now in the possession of the MEP Nessa Childers.