Here are some ways you can help

Maintaining graves

Maintain your family grave or adopt a grave and maintain it by cutting the grass on and around it.Join a Work Party to help in clearing the graveyard. Bring a stimmer, grass mower, shears, slashhook or hoe. Bring refreshment as well. It’s healthy but thirsty work.Details of work parties are in the News/Events section(click to access)

Fundraising/ Donations

Here are some ideas of how you could support us in developing Derralossary.

€50 Could ensure a single grave is kept tidy for a year
€100 Could ensure a large family grave is kept tidy for a year
€150 Could repair a metre of the surrounding walls
€250 Could maintain the main pathway for a year
€500 Could provide some replacement trees (Red Oak)
€1,000 Could provide new gravel for the entrance
€2,500 Could rebuilt the main entrance and gates
€5,000 Could rebuild a secure storage facility
€10,000 Could landscape the interior of the church floor


Provide pictures, drawings or information of historical interest to the Derralossary Project