Ecclesiastical Commission 1831

Digest of the Inquiry into the Revenues and Patronage of all Ecclestical Benefices including Donatives, Perpetual Curacies, and Chapelries, in the respective Dioceses in Ireland. (extract 26 page 500 re Derralossary Parish – circa 1831)

Derralossary – A perpetual cure, with spiritual duties annexed, endowed with the rectorial tithes; subject to episcopal jurisdiction.
Length 6 miles Breadth 5 miles. exclusive of the extent of the perpetual cure, erected within this parish.
The reputed acreable contents, in Statute Measure, of parish
41,666 statute acres, 3 roods, 12 perches.
By far the greatest proportion of this parish is reported to consist of uncultivated waste mountain, without inhabitants.
Population of the parish according to the census taken in 1831. 4,412
Incumbent: Lambert watson Hempenstal, clerk, adm. 10th January 1831. One curate employed , at a stipend of 75 shillings per annum.
Gross amount of annual income of the parish on an average of 3 years ending December 1831 £508 10S.
Tithe composition 456-10 50A plan, or 80A 3R 38.75P statute measure of glebe, valued at 20S per plantation acre – 50-. Surplice fees -2.
N.B. Part of this glebe is at present held by the curate, and part of it by a farmer.
Yearly payments:
To Glebe House loan instalments £15-9-3.
Glebe rent £1-1
Expenses of collection, at the rate of 5S per cent. £25-8-6
County cess £7
Stipend payable to perpetual curate of calary £15-7-8
Visitation fees and diocesan schoolmaster etc £3-2
Interest at 5% on £350-15-4 expended on glebe house, and recoverable from successor £17-10-9
Net amounts of annual incomes of the benefices, respectively, after deducting such payments (except as aforesaid); and whether such incomes may be fairly considered as the Average Amounts of Net Income for the future, ot otherwise £423-10-10
Derralossary glebe-house in very good order, built under new acts in 1815, at the cost of £996-18-5.5; whereof £230-15-4.5 was granted as gift, and £415-7-8.5 as loan, by the late board of First Fruits, and the residue of £350-15-4.5 was supplied out of the private funds of Incumbent, who will be entitled to receive the whole of the sum, last-mentioned, from his succcessor. Of the loan aforesaid there remained £262 chargeable on the benefice in 1832, repayable by annual instalments of £15-9-3
incumbent is resident in the glebe-house.
N.B. Exclusive of the sums aforesaid, Incumbent reports that he has expended £1,033-14-11 on the glebe-house, without having any charge on successor for the re-payment of any portion thereof.
One church in this parish, exclusive of that at a distance of four miles in the perpetual cure of Calary, erected within this parish; for the particulars of which see No. 11
Derralossary church, capable of accomodating 500 persons, but when or at what cost built not stated; – enlarged in 1820, at the cost of £553-16-11.25Brit, whereof £415-7-8.5 was granted in way of loan, by the late board of First Fruits, and the residue of £138-9-2.75 was provided by parochial assessment. Of the loan aforesaid, there remained £299-1-4 chargeable on the parish in 1832, repayable by annualinstalments of £16-12-4
Divine service is celebrated in the church once on all Sundays, and on the principal festivals; and afternoon service is performed on Sundays, in a room fitted for the occasion in Larah Barracks, at the opposite extremity of the parish. The Sacrament is administered monthly, and on the principal festivals.
The average annual amounts of the sums assessed upon the respective benefices, at Vestries, in the three years, ending as aforesaid; distinguishing, as far as the same appears by the Returns, the sums raised at the exclusive Vestries, from those raised at the open, or general Vestries.
Exclusive Vestries
-Parish clerk’s salary £10
-Clerk of Calary chapel £0-13-4
-Sextoness’s salary £6
-Com. elements £2-5-6
-Church loan instalments £16-12-4
-Repairs of church and church-wall £9-13-4
-Slater £2-9-0
-Repairs of stove and fire-place £6-0-8.5
TOTAL £53-14-2.5

General Vestries
-Vestry clerk’s salary £10-0-0
-Clerk of Calary chapel £0-13-4
-Provide coals £1-10-0
-Coffins for the poor £3-13-4
-Gravelling road £0-13-4
-Repairs of churchwall £1-13-4
-Graveyard implements £0-2-0
-Deficiencies £5-6-8
TOTAL £23-12-0
N.B. The foregoing are the average amounts of the sums voted at vestries for the three years ending 1832.

The name of the Person or Body, to whom the Advowson of each Benefice belongs, or is reputed to belong. – The Diocesan.
The rectorial tithes of this benefice have been granted to the curate, by way of endowment.
Whether the Incumbents are, in right of their Benefices, Patrons of any, and what Ecclesiastical Benefices, Perpetual Curacies, or Chapelries; and, if so, the Diocese in which they are situated.
An alternate turn of nomination to the perpetual cure of Calary, in the county of Wicklow and diocese of Dublin, belongs to the Incumbent of this benefice.
Besides the benefice of Derralossary, with cure; – Incumbent holds the benefice of Ballymaglasson, with cure of souls, in the county and diocese of meath.