Clergy since 1630

In 1231 the Church of Derralossary became part of the Corps of the Chancellors of St Patrick’s Cathedral. The presentation belonged to the Archbishop. A chapel of Ease, named in honour of St John, was consecrated on 19th September 1867 in Laragh.

Perpetual Curates
1630 Nicholas Whyte: C. Glendalough and Derralossary
1701-17 William Hodgkinson:licensed 7th April 1701; licensed again 23rd April 1713.
1717-27 Thomas Fetherston: licensed 5th February 1717
1727-28 Samuel Ussher: instituted 30th March 1727
1728-32 George Derry: licensed 9th July 1728
1732-35 William Ashe: licensed 6th July 1732
1735-65 David Stephens: licensed 5th March 1735
1765-1801 Ambrose Weekes: licensed 21st February 1765
1801-12 Edward Meyler: licensed 18th February 1801
1813-59 Lambert Watson Hempenstall: licensed 9th January 1813
1859-66 Ignatius George Abeltshauser: licensed 18th May 1859
1867-77 Richard Frizelle: licensed 20th September 1867

1877-79 Francis Edward Knowles Bird: instituted 11th Nov 1877
1879-85 John Charles Moore: instituted 10th July 1879
1885-91 Edward Hardress Waller: instituted 6th July 1885
1891-1901 William Thomas Stokes: instituted 13th August 1891
1901-23 Meredith Halligan: instituted 1st July 1901
1923-51 Samuel Synge: instituted 14th November 1923
1951-57 Frederick Rudolph Mitchell: instituted 12th July 1951; Calary joined with Derralossary
1957-62 Stanley Pettigrew: instituted 4th September 1957
1963-69 Hugh Gollan Jamieson: instituted 18th April 1963

1729 David Stephens
1779 Annesley Streane: licensed 1st June 1779
1831 Charles Beaumont Howard: licensed 6th March 1831
1832-35 Joshua Lacy Bernard: nominated 11th November 1835
1835 Oliver Siree: licensed 11th November 1835
1836 Robert Jessop: licensed 15th August 1836
1837-39 Robert Franklin Spencer
1840-47 William James West: licensed 11th March 1840
1847 James Grogan: licensed 13th October 1847
1855 George Augustus Alcock: licensed 2nd May 1855
1859 Robert William Whelan: nominated 7th February 1859
1862-64 Edward Johnston: licensed 15th January 1862
1867-68 George Augustus Clarke: licensed 2nd January 1867
1869 William Hughes: licensed 15th December 1869
1870-72 Thomas Bradley Naylor: nominated 8th december 1870
1875-76 Richard David Skuse:licensed 23rd December 1875
1876 Thomas Bushe Wills: licensed 14th September 1876

In 1970 Derralossary was united with Rathdrum, Rev. Albert Henry Victor Frazer instituted in Rathdrum on 26th January 1970; Calary was joined to Newcastle and Newtownkennedy. Derralossary Church was “unroofed” in 1981 and all its box pews and trident candles removed. The whereabouts of a brass plaque detailing the history of the church, which was fixed in the entrance porch, is still unknown. Any information leading to it’s recovery should be emailed to