Sharing Knowledge

Derralossary is the meeting place and online resource for everyone interested in the historic church and graveyard of what once was the great parish of Derralossary. The purpose of this website is to share knowledge, promote understanding and organise people in support of a development plan.

Derralossary, or Doire Lasrach, has in it’s time been a pre-christian site of worship, an early Christian site; possibily linked to the ancient ecclesiastical city of nearby Glendalough. It is a church which recovered from ruin following the Reformation and was protected from destruction in 1798 by the enlightened words of a United Irish Leader “This is a war of liberty … not of religion”. Renovated around 1820, and again in 1957, it finally closed in 1965. Just three people attended the last service. In the 1980’s the Representative Church Body of the Church of Ireland approved the removal of all interior fittings and the removal of the roof.

In it’s grounds are buried patriots, paupers, priests and ordinary parishoners as well as many ‘known only to God’. The names of Laurence Sterne, ‘General’ Holt, John Millington Synge, Robert Barton, Erskine Childers and many more figures from Irish history are linked to the parish.

The United Friends of Derralossary have come together to protect, enhance and develop this site so that it can once again play a role in the sacred and secular life of the people of north Wicklow and South Dublin