Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Welcome aims to make available as much information as possible about the ancient site of worship at Derralossary, Co. Wicklow, and it’s historic graveyard. One of President Michael D. Higgins predecessors, Erskine Childers, is buried in this beautiful graveyard which faces towards Scarr mountain and is located on the left hand side about a mile from Roundwood on the road to Annamoe and Glendalough. Derralossary has a noble story to tell. It is a reminder of a time when Irish men of differing religions united to save, rather than destroy, what was then an established church. It is a place of rest for patriot, parson, priest, pauper, landlord and landless and many others ‘known only to God’. It is our hope that it will be a place where respect for the past inspires enthusiasm to engage with our common future.

The Churchyard is the property of the Church of Ireland and is the responsibility of the select vestry of Rathdrum & Derralossary Parish. Enquiries regarding burials or the erection of headstones should be made to the parish rector Rev Brian O’Reilly at